​​​​​​​​​​​​​         Beautifying Your Home with Custom Seasonal Planters



​​​​​​Container Creations

We then take all this information with us to the nurseries to get your plants. When we return, we will "Drop" them into your planters and finish up the planting.

Four times per year, we will offer to bring fresh, seasonal material...spring, summer, fall, and winter. You choose!

Coordinated Color


Simple, Classic

Our familiarity with the local shops and on-line vendors allows us to find planters that you will work for you!

Yes, we can help you with new planters too!

Our Goal is to Help Your Home Stand Out with Fabulous Planters!

We have the experience and knowledge and will happily share it with you!

Our blog will provide you with information on current care. Additional help is provided via email and/or texting.

Let us help you with our expertise...

Planter Care:

For seasons that require old soil to be removed (We like to start with fresh potting mix in the spring!), we'll have to charge for that!  In most cases, this will be $15 per pot. You can take care of this yourself and save!

We've Kept it Simple...

We charge the retail price of the materials and add 35% to cover our fees. We also add a delivery fee based on your location. For most cities in and around Johnson County, this will be $30. 


Seasonal Planters for Exceptional Curb Appeal

Offered 4 Seasons!

You pick the ones you want!

The summer pots will include some our favorite slow-release fertilizer!

Next, we will do a Site Analysis for planter placements and sun exposures.

  • What are your favorite colors?
  • Do you prefer lots of flowers or does texture appeal to you?
  • Anything else you want us to consider

Together we will browse through our sample portfolio to determine your preferences...

We come out to your house for an initial consultation (We can do this step via email if preferred!)...

Here's How it Works...

What's Included:

Design 'n Drop®