​​​​​​​​​​​​​         Beautifying Your Home with Custom Seasonal Planters



​​​​​​Container Creations
  • Our Booklet...Summer Fun With Container Creations
  • Handled Bucket...A handy way to gather your spent flower clippings
  • Disposable Gloves...Nitrile gloves keep your hands much cleaner than regular gardening gloves
  • Clippers...Nice small, sharp clippers that are perfect for deadheading and trimming your flowers and plants
  • Osmocote...slow-released fertilizer that your plants will love!
  • Hand-Painted Wine Glass/Water Goblet...Grab a glass of wine or tea to enjoy your work!

​Our Kit helps you plant and care for your containers while taking care of you!

​It includes:

The baskets are meant to be enjoyed on your deck or patio, but may be okay for a short time if placed in a bright window.

​​Available now for $44.95!!!

plant therapy kit

Our Container Gardening Kit!

Sample Specialty Basket

Standard Willow Basket

We only use premium materials...potting mix, fertilizer, and plants...and then use them to create a custom basket for you. You select the size basket you want and tell us your favorite colors and we'll deliver a beautiful arrangement.

mother's day... father's day (why not???)... birthdays... holidays...anniversaries... memorials... banquet centerpieces... bridesmaids gifts... realtor gifts... housewarming...ETC!!!

​​Can't Decide? Let your recipient choose how they want to enjoy our services and products...

Our gift certificates make a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys flowers!

gift certificates

Good Toward Design 'n Drop Services, Gift Baskets or Our Kits!

​​* Depending on the time of year and the care given, the baskets will vary in the length of time they can be enjoyed. With proper care, they will last weeks, or even months!


We offer 3 sizes of our standard willow basket:

​​​Small...Approx. 12" X 9" ...$54.95

Medium...Approx. 14" X 11" ...$74.95

Large...Approx. 18" X 14" ...$94.95

***Prices vary on specialty baskets.

***Delivery Charges are additional, based on location.

​Give your special someone a gift that will bring them joy for several weeks. Our planted baskets will do just that because we plant them just like we plant our planters.

planted gift baskets

Custom Planted to Reflect the Season