​​​​​​​​​​​​​         Beautifying Your Home with Custom Seasonal Planters



​​​​​​Container Creations


Initial planting is based on the number of planters at your home. Therapy visits are charged as time and materials.

Whether you want full-scale container gardens, a couple of fabulous pots by your front door, or help so you can do it yourself, Container Creations is here for you...Contact us today!

Design 'n Drop is perfect for those who just want some beautiful pots at the front door or in an area that will host a special occasion. 

Get the same look as our Full Service customers, but without our maintenance. You select the seasons you want and we'll come back when it's time for the change.

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design 'n drop

Seasonal Planters for Select Focal Points

The Containers

​So many beautiful pots are available today...different styles, colors, materials...

Plant Therapy

Container Creations makes bi-weekly visits to your home, keeping your planters looking their best. Our regular inspection keeps the pests away and your plants in top form. We will deadhead spent flowers, spray for any sign of pests or disease, and fertilize as necessary.

The Materials

Container Creations has carefully selected their suppliers to ensure that you are provided the highest quality materials available. Lush, healthy foliage and brilliant color...we go to great lengths to obtain the finest plants for you, often shopping at several places.

A premium-grade, sterilized potting mix is used and is supplemented with a high-quality, long-lasting, slow-release fertilizer. This mixture ensures proper drainage, boosts plant strength, and provides continuous nutrition for your plants.

Container Creations will find new containers or fill your existing containers to beautifully complement your home.

Full Service

Comprehensive Container Gardens for Your Home